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  Free Consultations  
  If your property is within our catchment area, we can visit you for an initial consultation free of charge. During that visit, we will talk through the proposals you have in mind and can make our own recommendations for you to consider. We will also highlight any particular planning considerations and construction technicalities to help to hone your ideas. Subsequent to the initial meeting, we will give you a written fixed fee quotation for our involvement, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether you wish to appoint us.
  Design drawings (For residential extensions, alterations, loft conversions or new build.)
  After production of accurate scaled plans of your property or site we will produce initial designs for you. These may follow your proposals, or ideas of our own, or a combination of both to help you consider the best designs to suit your individual use of the property. Often we will begin with a different layouts, and then refine these following detailed discussion to reach your ideal. As we work with the latest AutoCAD software we can revise and alter designs picking and choosing your favoured elements. The result of this work will be a final design to your satisfaction ready for submission to the Planning Department.  
  Planning Applications and Pre-Application Advice
  We work regularly with Planning Departments in London and the Home Counties submitting Planning Applications for all types of residential extensions, alterations, loft conversions and new build houses. We are not limited to these areas however, and are equally happy to work with other Councils further afield. If your project is more unusual or potentially contentious we can also seek formal pre-application advice (via a meeting or written response) with submission of lesser detailed sketches and photographs to reduce your initial financial commitment before continuing to a full application. (NB. For many simple projects planning permission may not be required although we would always recommend we gain a Certificate of Lawful Development to confirm this.)  
  Design and Access Statements
  Where required by the Local Authority, as part of our planning application, we will produce Design and Access Statements as required without additional charge. These set out the design rationale and provide a written justification for the proposals to formally submit with the application drawings. If beneficial we will also produce these statements even when not required by legislation to present a stronger case to the planners citing precedents, and supporting evidence.  
  Construction drawings and Building Regulations Applications
  Following on from our own design drawings or those of your own Architect, we can produce full construction drawings. These set out all required construction details and specifications to achieve full Building Regulation Approval and to give your chosen contractors the details required to prepare quotations for the works and ultimately to construct the project. The specifications will include all required details from foundation depths and drainage to insulation thicknesses and plaster finishes. As part of our involvement we will submit a Full Plans application to Building Control and resolve any relevant queries or requests for information from them in order to leave your chosen contractor with an approved set of drawings to work from on site.  
  Engineering Advice  
  Dependent upon the complexity of your scheme, some structural alterations may be required. From experience gained over many years of previous associations with Structural Engineers, we will be able to provide you with a good outline of the structural implications of the works that you are proposing. The calculation of the structural elements will have to be done by a separate Engineering Firm, but we will provide the Engineer with all the information he needs on our drawings, so that this can be done as a desktop exercise to help minimise those costs. Unless you have your own engineering contact, once the Building Regulation drawings have been prepared, these will be despatched to one or two outside Consultants in order that they can provide you with a quotation for their services. Once those designs have been prepared, we will then incorporate that information onto our drawings and submit them on your behalf to the Local Authority for Approval.  
  Other Matters  
  If your drains are shared with adjacent properties, it is quite possible that these will be classed as Public Sewers. That being the case, the consent of the appropriate Drainage Authority (eg. Thames Water) is also required over and above the Application to the Council. We will advise you on this at the time but if it is required, we will deal with this application free of charge during the design process (except for the fee that you will pay to the Authority direct).  
  If your property is situated in an area that has a Residents Association (eg. Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust) they may also have to be consulted for the approval of building work at the planning stage. If this applies to your property, then we will make any required submissions to them without additional charge.  
  If your extension or alteration involves a large amount of glazing this may be over the standard allowance in the Building Regulations. Regularly these fairly restrictive limitations can be overcome by obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate for the property as a whole, allowing for more glazing to be used than would normally be permitted. Whilst the assessment is done by a separate specialist at a fee payable directly by yourselves, we will provide that Company with all the information they need without additional charge from ourselves, in order that this can be done as a desktop exercise to minimise any additional expense.  
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